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The license is GPL   Many formulas untested.  Check all calculations!  Use at your own risk.


All you need is a webserver (apache), php, imagemagick, and > gd 2.0.1 installed. Debian has them all, and Mandrake 9.1 is suppose to have them all.   It should work on windows.  Please let me know if it works on windows.  The program although data extensive, requires no database.

As root with ark in linux, click on the archive and save all in /var/www/html (mandrake, red hat) or /var/www (debian). You should now have a directory /var/www/html/phptax or /var/www/phptax with all the files in it.  Go into /var/www/html/phptax and chmod -R 777 data.  Now enter localhost/phptax in konqueror, mozilla, or another browser and the program should appear.

You can set it up for friend and family on a webserver with an .htaccess file to restrict access to them only.  However, I hope they have high speed access.


There are three status positions per form,  Done - means the form is clickable to change fields;  Hand - means you can use the form but you have to change data by hand edit; and Empty - means the empy form is there to print but you can't edit fields.

1040pg1 - Done
1040pg2 - Done
1040w2-worksheet - Done
1040ab-pg1 - Empty
1040ab-pg2 - Empty
1040d-pg1 - Done
1040d-pg2 - Almost Empty
1040d1-pg1 - Done
1040d1-pg2 - Done

Program Use:  

Works best in fullscreen Mozilla.   Click on the picture, in a form field, a mini-text editor will pop up in the space left of the picture where you can change data in a form.  Just click click click and you are done.  There is no error correction.  Be the first to do your taxes with this free program.

1. - For checkboxes, enter "yes" or "no" with no trailing spaces or line.
2. - For non-existant names enter "-".
3. - For numbers, just enter the numbers (round off to nearest dollar) with no trailing spaces or line.

If you need to enter the data by hand, all data for form 1040, is stored in directory /data/1040. The data you need to change should be pretty easy to find.  Just change the data, as you go.  

Making the PDF:

Click on the Make Icon, to make the .pdf.  This generate the .pdf and will take approximately 1 minute! After the form is built, click on the View .pdf icon. Although the .pdf may look bad in the viewer, it should print well (hopefully) at about 300-500 dpi. Use Acroread(tm) over Xpdf or GV. Print to fit in one page.


1-25-2006: Have come to the conclusion this should be rewritten as a real application, possilby java or php-cgi with gtk. Noticed parts of it aren't working, some setting in php is probably off. The 1040 is not-clickable and the code is a hack job. Which leads me to be hate to be dependent of php config options. Also, I think it would be better, not to convert the tax forms to images, but to work with the pdfs directly. Email me if you know of an easy way to make gui application in linux and modify pdfs. Using the no database route was also a mistake, one text file would be better or possibly tagged data.

Version 2002.0.8 (6-26-2003):  Rechecked program noticed a couple bugs.  Also my php.ini had register globals on, it should have been off.  So in other words, the program should now work. 

Version 2002.0.7 (4-4-2003):  Most of Schedule D and D1 are complete.  It does the hard part, compute the actual capital gains.  As is, the Schedule D portion would be very useful for recordkeeping if you decide to day trade stocks.  I have not found any program, Windows or otherwise that can compute Schedule D like this.  

Version 2002.0.6:  Form 1040 is complete.  W2 worksheet is complete.  May try and tackle Schedule D next. 

Version 2002.0.4:  Form 1040 page 1 can now be completed by click click. Reorganized everything.  

Version 2002.0.2:  Added Schedules A, B, and D.  However, they don't do much. 

Version 2002.0.1:  Only 1040 is done for hand use.  


 I looked at ada, c with easygtk, gambas, java, wxbasic, perl, pike, and python with anygui, and settled on using php for ease of programming.  Furthermore, hopefully in the future, there will be webplications in which php directories in /usr/bin can be used as programs.   Also, I want to promote php and gd.  I doubt there is any language that can be do what this programs does with number of lines of code.


The primary goals is to develop a tax program and promoting databaseless methodology using one line text files.  No SQL databases are used in this program.  I write about this at the project